Title: water-NOE

It's a 2D heteronuclear (1H-15N) correlation spectrum of a HSQC-type
to detect amide proton exchange rates and NOE's to water.
You determine the magnetization exchange with water for the amide protons.
To extract the true chemical echange rates you have to subtract the NOE 
contribution from them magnetization exchange rates. (---> Reference!)
The NOE interaction can be measured in another experiment (water-ROE).
---> Pulse sequence and parameter file included (waterROE.c,waterROE.par.tar)
In both cases (water-NOE and water-ROE) you acquire two experiments
(interleaved) with the parameter watrsign set to 0 or 1.

It watrsign = 0: --> you invert the water magnetization at the beginning 
of the pulse sequence to -Iz. In this case water-magnetization is anti-
parallel to the amide proton magnetization (+Iz!).

It watrsign = 1: --> you apply a 360 deg pulse on water, 
the water-magnetization is parallel to the amide proton magnetization!

Look also in the figure, where red arrows indicate the water magnetization
vector and black arrows the amide-proton magnetization vector!

Spectrometer: Varian Unity Plus 600 MHz

Pulse sequence: waterNOE.c

Literature reference: S. Grzesiek & Ad Bax, J.Biomol.NMR 3, 627-638 (1993)

Authors: Ronald Wiltscheck, Andrei T. Alexandrescu,
	 Biozentrum, University of Basel
	 Klingelbergstr. 70
	 CH-4056 Basel
	www home page:
	phone: 	++41-61/267-2091
	fax:	++41-61/267-2190

	water_NOE_ROE_pp.ps (postscript)
	water_NOE_ROE_pp.gif (Compuserve-GIF-format)
	water_NOE_ROE_pp.jpg (JPEG-format)

Parameters: waterNOE.par.tar (Unix Tape Archive)

Shaped pulses: halfshape.RF, watrshape.RF

BMRB Pulse Sequence Accession Number: 45